6 Things to Live 27 Years Longer

6 Things to Live 27 Years Longer

Here are 6 things you can do that could add over 27 years to your lifespan . . .

There are a long list of things that you can do to live a longer and healthier life. In his book The Culprit and the Cure, Steven Aldana identifies this short list of items that are complementary to each other, meaning that each item independent of the the others would add years to a person’s life.

As Steven points out, these are based on population statistics so they would not have a precise translation for an individual, however statistically they are correlated to longer population life.

Here they are:

6 things to live longer

We cover the topics of maintaining a normal weight and exercising extensively in our health section, so this is more of an interesting list for your consideration.

Longevity Call to Action

Simple: Here we find the easiest activity to follow from this group is to eat nuts five times per week, which statistically will add more years to your life than regular exercise. This seems like a much higher return on effort invested. Nuts are a great source of protein, fiber and good fats. With all the years of recommending low fat diets, it turns out that the mono and poly unsaturated fats found in nuts are actually good for us while saturated and trans fats are not good for us. Also, not all nuts are created equal. Avoiding lots of added salts and processing is a good tip and probably the best nut overall would be raw almonds. Nuts are a relatively dense food with proportionately high calories, but are also very filling and generally have a low glycemic index (also a good thing).

Moderate: We highly recommend reading Steven Aldana’s book The Culprit and the Cure. In addition to providing this interesting collection of statistics, Steven provides excellent information about the monetary and quality of life costs resulting from our poor lifestyle choices. Read our full review on our resources page to see if this may be an interesting and valuable read for you.