Secrets of the Successful

Secrets of the Successful

Thousands of people have made permanent lifestyle changes, losing 30 to over 200 pounds and maintaining these changes for years.

The following are some very interesting characteristics of these successful people. (The information is primarily based on and the national weight control registry (

1 – 97% of those who made permanent lifestyle changes modified BOTH their eating AND their exercise.

2 – 90% decided to change their life, not go on a diet

3 – 77% experienced a life changing triggering event

4 – 96% had a compelling goal

5 – 80% started small, doing just a few things and slowly adding more with each success.

6 – 96% follow the 80/20 rule. Live more healthy 80% of the time. 70% did not eliminate bad foods they love, but eat these things less often and in smaller quantities.

7 – 100% experienced setbacks, but none of them let setbacks stop them. 84% got back on track almost immediately.

8 – 83% of those reaching their goals tracked their eating and their exercise.

9 – 72% connected with positive people. 71% read about the success of others.

Other interesting facts about these people:

– 45% lost weight on their own. 55% lost weight with the help of some
type of program.

– 75% drank 8 or more cups of water each day

– 66% ate a substantial breakfast

– 90% eat more Fruits and Vegetables

– 42% say that maintaining is easier than losing

– 96% feel good about themselves. One third feel they can do anything they put their mind to.

– Walking is the most frequently reported exercise.